Practice Areas


  • General civil matters, including business, contract and real estate matters
  • Residential and commercial real estate, including purchase, sale and lease transactions
  • Contract formation
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Estate planning, wills, trusts, probate, and estate administration
  • Construction matters, including contracts

General Civil Litigation

We have represented clients in a variety of litigation scenarios in the courts of the State of New Mexico, but we no longer perform litigation services. We have successfully represented clients in breach of contract, real estate, construction, probate, estate and other litigation matters.  We continue to represent clients in alternative dispute resolution forums, such as mediation. 

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

We represent clients in a wide variety of real estate transactions and disputes. We help individuals and businesses buy, sell, and lease homes and commercial property, insuring that all title, easement, water well, boundary and other issues are properly resolved. Our clients include property owners, developers, financial institutions, buyers, tenants and investors.


The creation of well-constructed contracts before parties commit financial and other resources to a given endeavor is of vital importance, and we take pride in the  care with which we protect our clients in this process. When relations between contracting parties have turned sour, whether the contract may be written or oral, we have successfully resolved disputes both through litigation and settlement negotiations, but we no longer perform litigation services.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We have had substantial training and experience in resolving disputes without the necessity of trial. We have served as advocates in both mediation and arbitration, and have served as mediators, in numerous successful out-of-court dispute resolutions.

Estate Planning and Probate

We have served hundreds of clients in the preparation of wills, trusts, powers-of-attorney, and healthcare directives. We also help administer wills, intestate estates (no will), and trusts, and have established guardianships and conservatorships. We have successfully litigated cases involving undue influence and lack of mental capacity in the execution of wills and deeds and the management of personal affairs.  We can assist in the resolution of conflicts in these areas, but we no longer perform litigation services.

Construction Matters

We represent individuals and businesses involved in the construction of residential and commercial buildings. We prepare and review construction contracts. We resolve disputes concerning payment for construction services, adequacy of construction performance, warranties, and lien claims.

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